MYSA. Metamora Youth Sports Association. We provide youth sports to Metamora Illinois and the surrounding communities, such as baseball, softball, and basketball.




     1. Official IESA rules will apply unless otherwise stated below.

     2. A player may substitute on a team above their age division or from the
player pool (lower half of the draft) if that team has less than a full field of
players. A player previously selected from the pool may not be selected a
second time. If other pool players are available that have not been
previously selected. The substitute must play in the outfield for the entire
game. She must bat last in the batting order.

     3. A player may be on a team below her age group if the local organization
determines that she should be at that age group because of her ability.

     4. Unlimited substitution is allowed. See note 3 under teams for special rules
for pitchers.

     5. There should be no heated, verbal arguments on the field under any
circumstances. The umpire will give one warning and the second infraction
will result in forfeit of the game.

     6. Once play begins, all conversation with the umpire requires presence of both
head coaches. All conversations with the umpire will be conducted by the
head coach only.

     7. Verbal abuse of officials, players, or coaches will not be tolerated. A warning
will be issued and any subsequent abuse will result in the offending person
being required to leave the premises. Failure to leave will result in a forfeit
of the game. There will be zero tolerance for profanity. Any use of
profane/vulgar language will result in immediate dismissal from the premises.
This applies to players, coaches, officials, and spectators.
     8. Any player participating on any organized league outside of this league is not
eligible to participate in this league.

     1. Nine players to play the field, normal infield with 3 equally spaced
     2. A team must have 7 players or it is a forfeit.
     3. Pitchers are limited to 12 outs per game with one reentry. Extra innings –
anyone can pitch and reentry rule is waved.
     4. All players must play at least 3 innings of defense (based on 6 inning game).

     1. All players in attendance of games must bat regardless if playing in the field
(no designated batters).
     2. No changes will be made in the starting batting order after the game starts
other than adding late arriving players to the bottom of the roster.
     3. Any player batting out of order is automatically out. However, an injured
player may be removed from the game; their turn at bat skipped without
penalty, and then returns later in their original batting order.
     4. All players shall be in the batting order.
     5. Bunting is allowed.
     6. The infield fly rule applies.
     7. No backward motion is allowed by pitcher (stepping back).
     8. ***WILL play the dropped 3rd strike.

     1. Shorts or pants.
     2. No steel spikes.
     3. Provided jersey and hat/visor.

     1. Base stealing is allowed. Runners may advance once the ball leaves the
pitcher’s hand.
     2. Sliding is allowed. In fact players are required to slide per IESA rules to
avoid interference.
     3. A play to any base by the catcher or the pitcher frees all runners to advance
at their own risk.

     1. The home team’s association will supply one patched umpire to work the plate
and one base umpire. If the association is not able to supply base umpire the
coaches will share the base umpire duties.

     1. A regulation 12” softball will be used.
     2. All batters and base runners will wear a batting helmet for protection.
Intentional removal of the helmet during play is an automatic out per IESA
     3. Catchers must wear mask with throat protector, chest protector, shin
guards, and protective helmet.
     4. No steel spikes allowed.
     5. The home team will furnish 2 new balls.

     1. All regularly scheduled games will start at 6:00 P.M. unless noted on
schedule. A team not present within 10 minutes prior to start of game will
forfeit the game.
     2. A normal 3 out inning will be played.
     3. A maximum of 7 innings will be played. No new inning shall start if an inning
concludes on/after 7:45 P.M. The umpire’s watch is the official clock. For
make-up games on weekends a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes applies.
     4. In case of rain 4 innings constitutes a game. Any incomplete games are
completely replayed.
     5. In case of a tie at the end of time limit, the game will finish in a tie.
     6. All schedule changes, except for weather/field conditions, must be
confirmed by both head coaches 48 hours in advance.
     7. The home association will make a decision to play/call a game due to
weather/ ground conditions. It is the head coach’s responsibility to call the
weather line and inform the visiting coach by 4:30 P.M. the decision to play
or call the game.
     8. Home team will have batting practice at 5:30 P.M. Visitors will have batting
practice at 5:45 P.M.
     9. There will be a run rule enforced. With 15 runs after 3 innings of play and 10
after 4½ innings played.

     1. The pitching distance will be 40 feet.
     2. The base distance will be 60 feet



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