MYSA. Metamora Youth Sports Association. We provide youth sports to Metamora Illinois and the surrounding communities, such as baseball, softball, and basketball.



     1. Official IESA rules will apply unless otherwise stated below.
     2. A player may substitute on a team above their age division or from another team in the same division. A player may substitute on another team only once during the season.
     3. A player may be placed on a team below her age group if the local organization determines that she should be at that age group due to her ability.
     4. Unlimited substitution is allowed including the pitcher.
     5. There is a zero tolerance of any verbal abuse to players, coaches, officials, or any other persons in attendance of the game.
     6. Coaches serve as umpires for this league. As this is primarily an instructional league, the focus should be on teaching and not winning. Any disagreements should be resolved in an adult manner.
     7. Again verbal abuse will not be tolerated. A warning will be issued and any subsequent abuse will result in the offending person being required to leave the premises. Failure to leave will result in forfeiture of the game. There will be zero tolerance for profanity. Any use of profane or vulgar language will result in immediate dismissal from the premises. This applies to coaches, players, officials, and fans.
     8. All facilities are a smoke-free environment. Smoking is permitted in your vehicle only.

     1. A maximum of 12 fielders will be allowed on the field. A normal infield will be played with remaining players positioned as equally spaced outfielders.
     2. Players will be rotated to a different position each inning. In rotating the players you must alternate between infield and outfield positions. They should not repeat a position during the same game.

     1. The 11” RIF or 11” Incrediball softball will be used. This will vary from place to place. The home team will determine which ball will be used.
     2. All batters and base runners must wear a batting helmet while batting and running the bases. It must stay on at all times.
     3. Catchers must wear a mask with a throat protector, chest protector, shin guards, and protective helmet.
     4. No steel spikes allowed.
     5. Home team will furnish a new ball for the game.
     6. Throwing of bats is not allowed. This will be enforced. If the batter throws their bat intentionally they are automatically out.

     1. All regular schedule games will start at 6:00 P.M.
     2. A maximum of 6 innings will be played. A limit of one hour will apply – no new inning will be started after 7:00 P.M.
     3. Home team will always complete its last at bat.
     4. No score is kept in this league.
     5. No team shall score more than 6 runs per at bat. If there are less than 3 outs when 6 runs are scored the teams shall change sides. If during the course of a play the 6th run is scored the play will continue until it is concluded in a normal manner.
     6. In case of rain, 3 complete innings constitute a game. Any incomplete games are completely replayed.
     7. All schedule changes, except for weather or field conditions, must be confirmed by both coaches 48 hours in advance.
     8. The field conditions will be determined by the league official. The home team coach must contact the visiting team coach by 4:30 P.M. due to wet grounds or weather.
     9. Home team will have batting practice at 5:30 P.M. and visiting at 5:45 P.M.

     1. The pitching rubber will be placed 30 feet from the home late.  If coach is pitching, they may move up to 10 feet closer.
     2. The base distance is 50 feet.

     1. All players will bat regardless of whether or not they are playing in the field.
     2. No designated hitters.
     3. Any player batting out of order is automatically out. However an injured player may be removed from the game, their turn at bat skipped without penalty, and then return later in their original batting order.
     4. No walks will be issued.
     5. No intentional bunting allowed. (Coach’s decision of intentional or accident)
     6. No ball or strikes will be called.
     7. A maximum of 6 pitches shall be thrown by the pitcher or machine. If the batter has not successfully hit the ball after the 6th pitch they will be out unless they foul tip the 6th pitch. This results in another pitch being allowed.

     1. Shorts or pants.
     2. Team jersey.
     3. No steel spike.

     1. Base runners may advance 1 base on a hit that stays in the infield inside the base path.
     2. Base runners may advance 2 bases on a ground ball that goes past the infield base paths.
     3. Base runners may advance as many bases as possible on a ball hit in the air past the base paths.
     4. Once the ball is brought into the infield, base runners may not advance any further than the base they are headed towards, if they are off a base they advance at their own risk.
     5. Base runners cannot advance on an overthrow. Any ball in foul territory is a dead ball. Base runners cannot score on an overthrow unless they were already past 3rd base when the ball was released.
     6. No base stealing is allowed. Runners may not leave until the ball is hit.
     7. No sliding.

     1. An infielder must be 35 feet from home plate before the pitch can be thrown.
     2. A player from the defensive team may stand near the pitching rubber and make a play on the ball. If the pitcher moves closer to home plate to pitch the defender must remain near the pitching rubber – the player cannot move closer to the plate.

     1. The ball is pitched by the offensive coach to the batter, or fed to pitching machine by the coach.
     2. The pitching coach may not make a play on the ball unless in self-defense to block a ball hit directly back at them or interfere with the play being made on the ball, or the runner shall be called out.
     3. Two coaches from the defensive team may be stationed on the 1st and 3rd base lines in addition to the pitching coach. At no time may a coach physically participate in the play. If this occurs all base runners will be called safe.
     4. Coaches for the offensive team may be stationed on the 1st and 3rd base lines in addition to the pitching coach. At no time may a coach physically participate in the play. If this occurs the base runners affected shall be called out.

     1. The coaches will also serve as umpires.
     2. The coach nearest the play shall make the call.



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