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Bronco League rules with these exceptions and clarifications:

General Rules

1.     Games begin promptly at 6:00pm and are 6 innings in length. No new inning can be started more than 2 hours after the schedules game start time unless agreed upon by both coaches. Games ending in a tie will be considered completed.

2.     If a team is unable to field 8 players, the short team will have players assigned from the other team in a mutually agreed upon manner. There are no forfeits.

3.     Official Little League baseballs will be used at all times.

4.     Base distance shall be 70 ft. Pitching distance shall be 48 feet for 11 & 12 year old players and 54 feet for 13 & 14 year old players, unless coach of batting team agrees to use 48 foot distance.

5.     No metal spikes.

6.     The home team is identifies on the schedule and will occupy the third base dugout.

7.     No spectators shall be allowed behind the backstop.

8.     Upon completion of the game, each manager is responsible for the cleanliness of their dugout and spectator areas.

9.     After the game, the home team is responsible for raking and leveling the area around home plate and the pitcher’s mound, removing the bases, and installing anchor plugs.

10. For games at GH and  Riverview, the rainout decision will be made by the home team coach who will notify the visiting team coach prior to 4:45 pm. For games in Metamora, coaches and parents will use the Metamora Field Condition Hotline (366-1300) for rainout information.

11. Player pool shall be used (i.e. players may be borrowed from other teams not competing that day) in order to ensure a 9-player team. If a player pool is used that player shall be allowed to complete the game just as if he is a team member regardless of whether the team he is playing for has enough regular team members.

Defensive Rules

12. The maximum amount of time for field warm-up is 7 minutes per team. The home team will warm-up last unless the visiting team is not present.

13. Players must be rotated during each game. Managers must maintain a position chart and assure that all players play at least one inning in the infield each game, and that no player plays the same position more than twice in the same game. No player will sit out a second inning defensively until each player has sat out one inning.

14. A standard infield alignment will be used.

15. All teams will field a catcher who will wear a face protector, protective cup, and full catcher’s gear. Left-handed catcher’s mitts are available upon request.

16. Live pitching will be utilized. Pitchers shall be limited to 3 innings or 9 outs per game. Pitchers are allowed to re-enter once per game.

17. Pitchers are limited to 10 innings per week, including in-house and travel team games.

18. No more than 2 innings of any game may be pitched by a player that is 13 or 14 years old as of August 1st, in the current year.

Offensive Rules

19. The batting order will consist of all players available to play in a continuous batting order.

20. On deck batters are not allowed on the field. On deck batters must be positioned behind the screen and not allowed within 10 feet of another player or spectator. On deck batters must wear a batting helmet.

21. Offensive coaches are positioned on first and third base. Coaches are not permitted to touch base-runners. Player coaches must wear batting helmets.

22. There are strikeouts and walks.

23. A batter who throws their bat after swinging will be warned the first time and called out the second time.

24. Every player who is played on at any base (including home) must use a foot slide. No head slides are allowed. If any player does not use a foot slide, he will be called out.

25. A runner is out if the slide in a manner the umpire determines to be malicious, or do not attempt to avoid contact with a fielder who is in possession of or receiving the ball. A player will be called out for sliding headfirst.

26. Runners may take lead-offs. And steal bases as in a regular game, except for home.

27. Stealing home on the pitch is not allowed, and will result in the runner being called out. Stealing home is defined as the runner advancing more than halfway down the baseline, in the opinion of the umpire, during the pitch. The runner may advance to home on passed balls, and wild pitches. Squeeze plays are permitted, but the batter must make an effort to bunt the ball.

28. Dropped third strike is in effect.

29. When a ball thrown from a fielder goes out of play, the runner will be awarded the base they are heading to plus 1 additional base. This advancement is determined from where the runner was at the time the throw was made.

30. Runners may steal home on a throwback to the pitcher, unless the ball is not fielded.

31. The infield fly rule is in effect

32. The inning will be over when 7 runs have scored or there are 3 outs. There will be no run limit in the 6th inning.

33. A 15 run rule shall be used. If either team has a 15 run lead after 5 full innings, the team leading shall be declared the winner. If the home team is leading by 15 runs after 4 ½ innings the game is complete.