MYSA. Metamora Youth Sports Association. We provide youth sports to Metamora Illinois and the surrounding communities, such as baseball, softball, and basketball.



Starting in 2023 MYSA will utilize the information and principles of a structured 9-10 week program offered by This full-featured program includes season-long practice plans and instruction; providing our volunteer coaches with the tools and knowledge needed to properly coach Tee-Ball; and ensure all the participants learn and HAVE FUN!!!

Along with learning the basics of playing tee-ball, our coaches will also provide important sports lessons and talking points to promote character growth for each player. Each week our coaches are encouraged to engage in talking points that help build character for both sports and life. We are excited to see this program in action!



1. There will be no arguments between coaches, fans, or players.

2. The focus of this league is to prepare confident individuals to play future baseball/softball. This is an instructional league, the emphasis is on teaching the game, sportsmanship, and HAVING FUN.

3. Learning about winning is important, but winning is not the emphasis of this league. We don’t keep score, and neither should the coach’s or parents. We make sure our participants are learning and having fun.

3. Competitiveness is a part of sports and MYSA encourages responsible competitiveness. However, if competitiveness crosses the line. Coaches are asked to redirect a player, fan, or another coach to focus on promoting the goals of this league.




2. Teach basic throwing, catching, batting, and base running skills.

3. Teach the following lessons through the lens of sport:

  • Try Hard
  • Be a good sport.
  • Be coachable.
  • Treat your opponents the way you want to be treated.
  • Show respect to coaches, players, parents, and fans.
  • Bounce back from mistakes.
  • Encourage and support your teammates.
  • Build self-confidence.



WEEKS 1 & 2:

Starting in late April, the first two weeks provide the instruction and training needed for gameplay. Each of these weeks will consist of two practices, without games; to maximize learning the basics of tee-ball and provide time for coaches and teammates to learn about each other. 

WEEKS 3 - 8:

After the 2-week instructional period, we will begin gameplay. The schedule has been modified to promote development in tee-ball; and will feature one practice, and one game, per week; for 5 weeks. This period provides the best opportunity for our players to continue learning how to play tee-ball, while adding the excitement of playing a game against their friends. 

WEEKS 9 & 10:

The final two weeks of the season will consist of two games per week, without formal practices. This maximizes the opportunity for learning through gameplay. Additionally, coaches will start incorporating coach-pitch into each at-bat for any players deemed capable of hitting a pitched ball.



1. All teams will consist of 6-12 players.

2. Team size will not exceed 12 players.



1. MYSA will provide all equipment needed for practice and gameplay EXCEPT for baseball/softball gloves.

2. A training ball provided by the league will be used in all games, and for practice.

3. All batters, on deck batters, and base runners will wear a batting helmet for protection.



1. MYSA will provide a gameday team shirt and hat for each player.

2. Athletic shorts/pants; or baseball/softball pants are recommended.

3. We recommend players wear molded rubber cleats for all practices and games. No metal spiked cleats are allowed. Cleats are not required.

4. Players must provide their own bottle of water for practices and games.

5. Sunblock is highly recommended. 

6. Players must provide their own gloves.

7. No jewelry is allowed for safety purposes.



1. All practices will start at 6:00 PM and follow the 10-week program outlined online by

2. Practice plans, timeframes, and schedules are available to coaches, for free, on the MYSA Tee-ball page in the Coaches Corner section.

3. Coaches Corner also provides instruction on how to build confident children. These are principles MYSA believes are an important part of a positive experience.



1. All games will start at 6:00 PM, and can be played on MON, TUES, WED, THURS.

2. A maximum of three innings will be played.  A time limit of 1.0 hour will apply - no new inning can start after 50 minutes.

3. Both teams will have an equal opportunity to bat.  The home team always completes its last at bat.



1. The base distance will be 30 feet.

2. "Home team" coaches are responsible for field preparation prior to each game. This includes setting up benches, laying bases, getting bats & balls from the storage bins.

3. "Away team" coaches are responsible for field teardown following each game. This includes locking up benches, bases, bats & balls in the storage bins.



1. All players will bat each inning.

2. Throwing bats is not allowed. Coaches will provide instruction and reminders to players on bat safety.

3. No strike outs will be allowed. Coaches are encouraged to work with players on proper batting during each attempt.

4. No batter will be sent to the bench if they are thrown out. Each batter will advance to first base.

5. When a ball is hit into the outfield, the batter may run the bases until the ball is returned to an infield player. The runners must then stop at the base that they are at. If the runner is advancing to the next base when the ball reaches the infield, he/she may continue to the next base.

6. Each player will advance the bases, one at a time, for all hits in the infield.

7. The final batter of each half inning is the "Homerun Hitter." The Homerun hitter and all remaining base runners will round all the bases on the final at bat of each inning.

8. The following is NOT ALLOWED: lead offs, stealing, advancing on overthrows, or pinch hitting.

9. All players are required to hit off the tee during the season. During the last two weeks of the season, coaches will have the option of pitching to the players underhand, and a maximum of five strikes will be allowed.  If a player does not hit the ball during coach-pitch, after five attempts, the tee shall be put in place and the player will complete his/her at-bat off the tee.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.



1. All players will be evenly spaced in the field each inning. All infield positions will be filled first, with the remaining players equally spaced in the outfield.

2. Players shall be rotated to a different defensive position each inning. Players will not repeat a position during a game.



1. The coaches must control the game and the benches.

2. The coaches shall work together to keep the games moving, and make sure the league rules are followed by everyone.  It is in everyone’s best interest to follow the rules and keep the games moving. Coaches, parents, and fans are encouraged to work together to make this a positive experience for the player.


Please feel free to contact your Tee-Ball Program Director with any questions or concerns.  

Revised 3/2023